Basic English/ESL

Adults coming into the United States of America need to have the opportunity to enroll in an English literacy program that incorporates civics education. For immigrants and other Limited English Proficient (LEP) persons to effectively participate in the communities they live in, these persons need to not only master the English language but be able to understand and navigate governmental, educational, and workplace systems and institutions such as banks and health care. By providing a program that offers survival English with facts about the country in which they reside, immigrants and LEP learners can and will become a more integral part of their communities and society.

ShebaUSA has been offering Free Basic English Classes since 1999. Currently, we are offering classes on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. There are three levels of classes (beginner, intermediate and advanced). Most of the participants are at the Basic level. Program is designed to help them speak, read and write day-to-day English.