ShebaUSA is committed to the re-making and re-strengthening of our immigrant population and families living in the U.S. Many immigrants, when coming to the U.S.A. have left behind other members of their families and often will have much easier times dealing and assimilating if they had mentors showing them around, talking to them, and coaching them. So, volunteers, we urge your support to make a strong bridge between new immigrant and to the communities.

Our volunteer teachers are all unpaid or minimally paid. They work in their extra time with some teachers volunteering 2-3 days a week. They help us with our computer class, ESOL/Civics class, tax preparation information sessions, Script writing, facilitated discussion for the youth program to name a few. Some volunteers even help us for single events, taking several hours to talk to our community. For example, doctors who come to provide health information.

Some of our volunteers are our students. They attend basic English class, basic computer course, etc. They sometimes assist in organizing larger scale events such as street festivals, annual dinner fundraisers, administrative help such as daily office support data entry, and networking by receiving calls, calling for classes, distributing our community need assessment survey etc.

Please call us: 347-762-7148, or email us at shebausa97@gmail.com