Donors and Partners

Since 1997 ShebaUSA has been doing great volunteer and community organization work in the Elmhurst and Jackson Heights areas in Queens, NY. So far, founder & president and board of Directors have provided all the findings, Senior Staff, and volunteers have supported our various projects & classes. Unfortunately in these though economic times, it is increasingly hard for all community services to keep up with demands or to even keep in existence the programs already in place, but at ShebaUSA-we also believe that with the right approach, the right staff, and guided by a really focus vision and targeted goals- ShebaUSA can and will continue to be this great pillar of hope; this one stop shop place where many come to seek assistance and relieve from their daily lives. We then urge all concerned to come forward and donate to and or partner with ShebaUSA so that we can accomplish our goals of providing diverse services to all those in need.


U.S Census 2010: “ShebaUSA is partnering with the U. S. Census by providing space where job applicants can be trained and take exams for temporary positions available in conjunction with the 2010 Census”

Dell, Christina Foundation: “ShebaUSA is partnering with Christina Foundation of Dell. Time to time ShebaUSA receives printers & P.C as a donation. ShebaUSA receives funding from government institutions, corporations and individual donors as well. Moreover, your generous contributions serve as testimonies of your support ShebaUSA, and will help to create new opportunities for people who could most benefit from them. Giving to ShebaUSA is easy, simply click the donate button.