The participants are the lifeblood of Sheba. They love, carrying a deep dream about Sheba. As a volunteer, they always support Sheba and hope that Sheba will make progress along with them and walk through the opportunities of the United States of America, the dreamland of the world.


Syeda BegumSyeda Begum:  The non profit organization Sheba, led by Tamanna Yasmin is such an organization, which is all out stand for emancipation of the human beings. The first condition of Sheba is humanity and this organization is always for serving the humanity with all its strength. ESL course, computer training, job training including sewing are the main features of the activities that the Sheba has undertaken for the betterment of the community. Many people have been benefited by all these programs of Sheba. This such an institution where women can speak, and the women feel comfort in expressing them in this institution. Let me tell about myself that I have been immensely benefited by the activities of Sheba in many ways. I don’t have any job for long time. I would know how to navigate computer. But due to lack of practice I forgot that. Mentally I got totally upset. With broken heart I came to the Sheba. This Sheba is instilling confidence in me to survive. I have got back my courage. Sheba is such an institution that this has an outstanding capacity to penetrate to the grass root level and serve the needy people truly. Many male and female after receiving free services have been benefited from the Sheba.
 Parveen SultanaParveen Sultana:  I welcome the ventures of the Sheba which introduced the courses for the new immigrants. We are being immensely benefited by the initiatives of Sheba which included arrangements for learning English as a Second Language (ESOL) and Computer navigating. We want the Sheba will step up its effort to create job opportunities alongside its existing programs. And then will have the opportunity to work and get independent.
 Maleka BegumMaleka Begum: I am proud to be involved with Sheba as a new immigrant. I want that the Sheba will take up projects to provide jobs, so that we can be established in this society.
 Thakur DasThakur Das: I am associated with the Sheba from the very beginning as a new immigrant. I have got part time job by being educated at the ESOL course and Computer Training course run by the Sheba. Sheba should create job opportunities so that we can work with Sheba in future too.
Munni RahmanMunni Rahman: Sheba should make arrangement for providing jobs for women and help them to become self reliant in this society.
kanu dattaKanu Datta: I have been extremely befitted out of my association with the Sheba. I believe that I will get more help and cooperation from Sheba in future.
Mrs Kanu DattaMrs. Kanu Datta: We are new immigrant. When my husband find Sheba organization which help new immigrants, we went to seek help. Sheba listens to our problem, advice us in detail what should we do and then helps us to enroll with ESOL class; even every one at Sheba collected some fund for us. I wish Sheba can help crate job for us.